hanako-to-tomiko: hi!~ id like to request *pcyeolss* for my side blog please! Also id do any request like you asked!

omg sorry for the very late response ;o; my tumblr doesn’t notify new messages, geez… you still want the url?

- 18:37
se-huna: yes i still want the kimjunmyoen url c:

oh my god im sorry my stupid tumblr doesn’t notify new messages ugh! im sorry im sorry, you still want it?

- 18:36


This fuckin moment


when a fanfic came true


Anonymous: What are your saved urls?

i have around 70, see them at ohteahun.tumblr.com/url 

- 2:19

only one member can come to tao’s hometown qingdao

Reasons to love 黄子韬: his tendency to eyefuck cameras.


Do not edit. cr: 326 days

Q: what do you usually do in the waiting room?
A: we play… eat… and sleep.

babyhun is happy today

adorable, jawline, casually stripping jongin